Damn Howell



why do i get so hungry before i get my period? it’s like i haven’t eaten since 4 days ago. i am so fucking hungry

am i pregnant?



it’s currently 11:11 and I will now spend the next 24 hours waiting for my wish to come true


MESSY BOYS TRY POT (ft. Troye Sivan) | Tyler Oakley








it physically pains me that I can’t tell him and explain why this isn’t true

he’s fucking brilliant at cheering up a bunch of strangers he’s never even met. 
he’s fucking brilliant at artsy things like instruments and art and creativity and acting 
he’s fucking brilliant at being dan howell, he’s fucking brilliant at being danisnotonfire
he’s an amazing fucking person in general and it’s rare to find someone as good as him in a world of such shitty people in the middle of wars and discrimination and hate. 
So yes, it is very painful that he is not aware that he’s amazing. 

does he not realize that he’s literally impacted and changed so many peoples lives for the better, and that without him some people might not be here today? He’s an AMAZING human being and it makes me so sad that he doesn’t see this. Dan, we love you so much. You’ve given some of us strength when we had none, you’ve given us a reason to smile when there was none, you gave Me the strength to hold to life, because you said “it gets better.” Dan you are not good at anything, YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING AT EVERYTHING YOU DO. People idolize you, people dedicate blogs to your life, people hang on to every word you say. You could make anyone’s day 100000% better just by replying to them on twitter,  
Dan, without you I wouldn’t be here. Sure you didn’t save my life, but your words did. You gave me more strength to stay alive through a video than anyone i know in real life could. And if that doesn’t prove that you are more than good at what you then I don’t know what will. Me and so many other people love you, and we are so lucky to get to have you in our lives (Even if it is just through a computer screen) 

He’s a amazing fucking person he is so so great at things he does he’s amazing on making his fans feel better and helping them and he is so great at what he does and I just want him to know that so fucking much and the fact that I can’t physically tell him this pains me and I’m dying for him to know how much he means to us and he’s not a failure,

Dan literally one of very few who are Allways there when nobody else is, when we feel down dan has put the time and effort into making ONE HUNDRED videos that any single one of then will brighten my day. So thank you so much.

Dan I hope you see this

Dan if you see this I hope you smile your fucking face off.

, i hope this brightens your day


please see this, dan. you have no idea how much you mean to us and how much you’ve helped us all when we’re having a tough day. it honestly hurts knowing that you’re probably not gonna see this

their laugh

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